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Letter to the People of Historic Park City

Unbeknownst to the majority of its residents here in Park City, City Hall is looking to make swift but lasting changes to the lifestyle of its citizens.

Park City's noise ordinances, which prohibit the volume of over 65 decibels between Midnight - 7:00 AM, are being considered for changes as early as January 6th, 2011.

To give a little perspective, 65 decibels is about the equivalent to an ultra-quite dishwasher, or a little louder than the volume of a street conversation. At the current decibel levels, residents and visitors alike can quietly and comfortably sleep and enjoy the morning hours to feel refreshed and get the most out of their upcoming days.

Under new changes, City Hall is proposing that the decibel level be raised prior to 7:00 AM, meaning the menacing sounds of unloading, slamming doors, heavy diesel engine noise and back-up sirens (upwards of 80-114 decibels) will coarse the early morning air, effectively diminishing the quality of life and visitor experience in Historic Park City. This noise will raise concern not only for its citizens, but for vacationers and area hotels and businesses alike, with great potential negative threat to all involved.

Growing area businesses and maintaining a higher quality of living is what Park City, Utah is all about. As one of the most exciting places to ski, shop, and dine in America, it is up to the Park City residents and its relative owners to help this community work together to thrive and maintain a high quality of life.

Stay informed and speak out to prevent City Hall from changing the noise ordinances in Historic Park City! We need your voice to be heard! Send a message to City Hall!

Robert Wilcox / HistoricParkCity.org