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Noises on Main Street

At the January 13, 2011 council meeting the City Council voted to amend the Park City Municipal Code to allow early morning deliveries in the Upper Main Street area beginning at 3:00 AM, for a 45-day “trial period.” Lower Main Street is exempt from this experiment, so deliveries and garbage pick-ups cannot be made north of Heber Ave. before 7:00 AM.

  • If loud trucks disturb you before 7:00 AM CALL THE POLICE (615-5500 or 615-5505).
City council directed the police department to enforce the ordinance, so report any infractions. When council considers this issue again in March, it is important that the police have a record of any infractions that occur.

Upper Main Street is primarily a commercial area, with a few condos, while Lower Main Street is primarily a residential area with a few businesses. One of our Council members, Lisa Simpson, lives on Upper Main Street and says that truck noise has not bothered her at night.

After the trial period, the trucking companies may raise this issue again and say that 3:00 AM deliveries did not bother people on Upper Main and they need to be able to deliver on Lower Main at the same hour (3:00 AM) for efficiency. We should:

  • monitor truck noise on Lower Main from now through March
  • also monitor traffic on Lower and Upper Main-they have made the argument that the 7:00 AM to noon delivery window (which has been in place for years) will cause traffic problems.
  • Perhaps be prepared to ask the City to rezone Lower Main Street to some form of "residential" zone, so that "quiet" rules that apply to other residential areas in the city would also apply to Lower Main Street.
This is a "quality of life" vs. "efficiency" issue. One can easily understand why the trucking companies requested these changes. However, Park City is a place where owners buy, and guests visit, to experience a quality of life that is not found in many other places. The owners of the trucking companies should be able to understand that it will not be possible for them to achieve high delivery efficiency in this environment, and that trying to do so will hurt the tourist business (our lifeblood) and thus damage their own customers--the restaurants and hotels.

We need to be prepared to make these arguments in March.

Chris Schaefer
Coleen Webb